Revenue share or Direct Invoice: Which is Right for Your Business?

SurePayroll currently offers our Reseller partners two client billing options:


Direct Invoice

SurePayroll’s Direct Invoice markup option is simple – SurePayroll will bill you for the wholesale cost of the product, leaving the markup and billing of your clients in your court. This allows you to incorporate SurePayroll’s service fees directly into your existing invoicing options and adjust the markup and add-on fees as you would handle all your other billing needs.


Revenue Share

For a small monthly fee, SurePayroll’s Revenue Share billing option allows you to handle all your payroll billing needs within our product and to set specific markup rates on a per client basis. You may adjust your markup for an individual client at any time within the Client Billing tab of your partner dashboard and the client’s individual settings.

Some Benefits of Revenue Share: 

  • Our partners often find that the cost of our Revenue Share option is lower than what than what they typically pay in merchants fees.
  • With Revenue Share, partners have no out of pocket costs for the entire service, because the clients pay for the service fees outright - no need to front the fee for them.
  • Revenue Share can help you consolidate your billing. We can bundle your total service fees for you and process them all under the same transaction. Your only responsibility is to provide an invoice to your clients with the service breakdown.
  • Revenue Share ensures that you no longer have to worry about late or missed payments from your clients. Payments are automatically processed monthly from the client’s designated account, removing the need to chase them for late payments.


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